Quarter Half Full Sheet Silver Foil Wrapped Thick Cake Board

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High quality, 1/2" thick, round silver foil-covered cake boards for 1/4 Quarter, 1/2 Half and Full Sheet Cakes.

  • 1/2" Silver Foil Cake Board- 1/2 Sheet: 18.9 x 13.85 x 0.65 inche
  • 1/4 Sheet Silver Foil Cake Board: 13.8 x 9.9 x 0.55 inches
  • Full Sheet Foil Cake Board- Silver: 25.3 x 17.4 x 0.5 inches

This cake board is very strong and can hold the heaviest of cakes without breaking. Save your self time by purchased cake boards already wrapped in a decorative silver foil. Use as is or ready for you to cover in fondant for that extra wow factor.