Pre-Baked Frozen Cake & Cupcakes

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These undecorated pieces of cake are perfect and ready to decorate! Perfect for decorators taking a rush order or an oven malfunction emergency, these single layer cakes are frozen and thaw out for use within hours. Also a great way for confectionery arts teachers to have real cake to use for their cake projects!

We has made it easy for you to create delicious, custom-decorated cakes with un-iced cakes and cupcakes. Whether your customers are looking for a family-sized round cake or a ½ sheet cake for a larger celebration, we have a solution for you. You simply thaw and decorate, which maximizes your time by allowing you to focus on value-added, custom decorating.These quality cakes that are just waiting for your creativity and special touches.


  • Available in two sizes of cakes (13 Oz. 8" Rounds or ½ sheets) and cupcakes
  • Provides consistent bake quality, weight, and appearance
  • Comes with zero grams trans fat

Available for Pickup Only in St. Louis. Please call ahead for availability.

Large quantities available, call for quotes.