Lickable Wallpaper Taste Sheets

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Lickable Wallpaper Party Favors are a perfect wow factor for any Chocolate Factory or Candy Party! With FDA Approved paper and inks, you can give these giant sheets to tack on a wall and invite your party guest to lick the individually flavored fruits! The banana taste like a banana and the grapes just like grapes using extracts.

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Sizes available are 8x10 Sheets and 10x16 Sheets.

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These are real frosting sheets, not just regular paper! All frosting and ink ingredients are FDA approved, all materials that come in contact with the edible portion of the product, backing paper, ink cartridges, cartridge filling and printer rollers, are FDA approved. The paper has a slightly sweet taste that is flavored using extracts if you prefer or add flavor yourself, ask me how.

100% Kosher Certified, Gluten Free

You can cut up individually or line up like a big mural! Printed on 8.5x11 Frosting Sheets or 10x16 for larger coverage ($17.50 Per Sheet). Please ask for more information!

Art by James Rose at