Edible Sugar Beer Bottle Half Lifesize

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Custom Isomalt 9" Sugar Beer Bottles Half- 100% Edible, Vanilla Flavored

You Get: 1 Edible 9" Sugar Bottle Half, Flat Back

See other listing for edible ice cubes to complete your beer bucket cake! Use this to lay flat down and place edible ice all around sides to hide the fact that it is a half bottle. Bottles are cast from a 9 inch bottles, so they are life size. Since they are half, the backside and bottoms will not be used in presentation.

Want a label? I will add one edible image label to your half bottle body and neck for an additional charge. Please let me know the label style in your checkout notes.

Production Time is 7-10 business days. There is no alcohol associated with this product. This product is 100% Edible, though intended for decorative purposes only.


Please understand this is a sugar product and is sensitive to heat / moisture / cold and must be handled with care.

How to Store Cooked Isomalt:

Cooked Isomalt, if exposed to humid conditions, will absorb moisture from the air and become sticky. The sticky surface will eventually dry out as humidity conditions change and this sticky layer will re-solidify. Once this happens, the Isomalt will first lose its shine, then become cloudy and eventually re-crystallize – which makes it unusable. The key to storing cooked Isomalt is to protect it from humidity.

Never add water to your isomalt product as it will break it down. Keep dry, cool temperature but never warmer than room temperature.

Bottles are insured against breaking in transit via USPS and wrapped with wax paper, bubble wrap and in ziplock bags individually to protect in shipping. In the event of breakage during shipping please bring to my attention immediately. Bottles are not warranted past delivery and it is up to you to handle / store correctly. No refunds. Please note that due to the nature of sugar art some bottles may have waves / swirls / bubbles as this is a hand created bottle made from an edible, sensitive material.