Edible Imagery Cupcake, Cake & More Workshop Class

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Learn about multiple different edible papers, including wafer, NFD's Exclusive Frosting Sheets & NFD's FlexFrost Sheets. Hear information on how to use the, tricks and tips to keeping them workable, in addition to reviving images that you may have previously thrown in the trash. In this class we will apply images to real chocolate covered oreos & cupcakes. For experience with cakes, we will apply both a Cake Wrap® and Cake Topper to a 8" Real Cake using buttercream with techniques that can be reused over and over again!

Students Should Expect a 3 Hour Class:

- Information on Edible Paper Types, Purposes

- Hands On Application of Edible Imagery to Chocolate Covered Oreos, Cupcakes & A Cake

- A In-Person Walk Through of NFD's Online Edible Image Designer Program.

- To leave with 6 Cupcakes in a Box, 2 Chocolate Covered Oreos in a Box, and a 8" Cake in a Box.

- Use Fondant & Chocolate to Back an Edible Image to Stand Upright in a Cake or Cupcake.

This class is for mature Tweens and Teens and Adults with basic cake decorating experience / beginners. 10 Spaces Available Per Class.

May Class Theme: Shabby Chic

July Class Theme: Water Color Papers