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Cold Shipment Package for Icing Chocolate and More

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Shipping something that needs to stay cold? Add a Cold Shipment Package to your cart.

Each Cold Pack Shipper includes Insulated Shipping Cooler Box, Gel Packs & Special RUSH / PERISHABLE BOX. We highly recommend  upgrading to 1-2 Day Shipping when it is hot outside. Please note your order WILL NOT SHOW UP FROZEN. It will be thawed out. Please put it in the freezer immediately and DO NOT let it sit outside on a porch.

$17.50 for Shipping Cooler & Box, Please note: Shipping will be calculated AFTER you order. We will take the cost of what you have already paid towards shipping and discount the shipping options for you to select either a 1 or 2 Day Shipping Product. Only after you pay for the shipping invoice, will we ship out your shipment the same day.

Please note, if you need a LARGE shipment of multiple gallons of Flavorite, let us know and we can quote you BEFORE you order with a large cooler shipper. Contact us for shipping quote.

Each Shipper can hold ONE Gallon Flavor Rite Whip N Ice or Custom Ice 9 Lbs 8 Oz.

Each Shipper can hold FOUR Quart Flavor Rite Whip N Ice or Custom Ice 2 Lbs 2 Oz.