Realistic Edible Sugar Blood for Confections, Sugar Art & More

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Looking to add some blood for to your popcorn, Halloween treats, horror movie foods or confections? Sugar Art Supply's unique Edible Sugar Blood is easy to use for blood spatter effects, bloody valentine treats, killer cakes, halloween drip cakes, bloody martinis & more!

As seen on Food Network, add fake edible blood to any treat, cake or drink!

To use, open and break seal. Add water till 2/3 full. Then dip your weapon (brush, treat stick, gloved finger and make a bloody mess!

Ingredients: Red 40

*Caution: Highly concentrated. Food coloring may stain.

If you are a baker, chances are you have ended up at one point or another with a food coloring incident that left extra color on your hand, your clothes or your carpet. Food dyes can easily stain due to their highly concentrated nature, but luckily the stains can be removed with the right ingredients and a bit of patience. Regardless of where the dye has ended, it is important to start the cleaning process as quickly as possible, as food coloring dries fast and the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to get rid of the stain.