Sugar Art Koi Pond Fish Japanese Fish Cake Topper Sugar Sculpture

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100% Edible Sugar Koi Fish Pond Cake Topper by Pege Yates, Food Network Featured Sugar Artist in Saint Louis, Missouri. This Koi Cake Topper is hand-crafted and made to place on top of your cake.

YOU GET: 1 Koi Pond Fondant Cupcake Topper with 3 Koi Fish embedded in the sparkling water with separate grass element to place upright. Fits 8” or larger cake. Apprx. 4”x6” - See Photos.

Want extra fish or want to make your own Koi Fish Pond Cake with Blue Gelatin? Purchase Koi Fish separately and make your own!

🌈 **Placement Suggestions**: Our Sugar Art Cake Toppers can be placed directly on top of icing or can be used as a stand-alone presentation. Due to the nature of sugar, do NOT put in refrigerator or high humidity as this may cause your sugar sculpture to become sticky or even start to melt. We recommend placing on top of your cake before presentation. All cake toppers are glazed to help combat moisture and come sealed to protect until ready to use.

👉 **Handle With Care**: Our Sugar Art Cake Toppers are very fragile. We recommend storing in box they shipped in, keep sealed until ready to use.

✨ **About Us**: Sugar Art Supply's, hand-crafted sugar creations from Never Forgotten Designs (NFD), meticulously made in a registered food manufacturing facility in St. Louis by the talented Pege Yates and her team of confectioners. As featured on the Food Network, Pege's award-winning sugar art, including her triumph at the 2023 Holiday Wars Food Network Competition Show, showcases unparalleled creativity and craftsmanship. Experience the magic of Sugar Art Supply's exquisite creations, where every piece is a masterpiece of culinary artistry.