GoldGourmet Gold Leaf Flakes & Sheets

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Genuine 23k Gold Leaf. Food Grade and Kosher Certified.

Decorating with 23 karat edible gold and silver leaf transforms cakes, pastries, confections and specialty drinks into culinary masterpieces.

Precious edible gold and silver leaf, flakes and dust are a magical addition to the professional and home chef's repertoire, and a delight to the discerning palate.

As a goldbeater for over 145 years, combining expertise with state-of-the-art facilities, GoldGourmet - a selection of gold leaf is conscientiously obtained by reclamation and from reputable sources, undergoes a stringently controlled, hygienic beating process, is certified with GMP (Manufacturing Process) by an independent laboratory and is kosher and halal certified.


Available in 100 MG Shaker or 12 50mm x 50 mm Sheets. Larger quantities available with 2 week turn around, contact for more info.