Dilution Solution by Sweet Color Lab Alcohol alternative for painting and airbrushing luster dust

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Dilution Solution makes its return! The same amazing following formula, easy-to-use dropper component, just in new packaging!
All it takes is three (3) drops of Dilution Solution to every (1) drop of Artisan Accents Gel Color to create beautiful concentrated airbrush color!
TIPS AND TRICKS to create your formula:
  • For Regular concentrated Airbrush Colors: mix 1 part gel color + 3 parts Dilution Solution.
  • For Translucent/ "watercolor" airbrush colors: mix 1 part gel color + 4 or 5 parts dilution solution.
  • For Opaque airbrush color: mix your color combination first then add 1 drop of white gel to your mix.
  • Mix airbrush colors by shaking them in a small container with a lid to ensure the gel color and dilution solution are fully combined.
PLEASE NOTE: While this product has been created for use with Artisan Accents Gel Colors specifically, Dilution Solution can be used with other brands of gel color IN THEORY. (no Water) Keep in mind that gel thickness and color saturation varies between brands and the posted directions may not have the same effect on other products.
We encourage and invite our customers to provide us with feedback if they use Dilution Solution with unintended brands (Wilton, Americolor, ChefMaster, Rainbow Dust ProGel, etc.)
8 fl oz bottle with twisting dropper cap
Certified Kosher