Custom Pattern on Wafer Paper

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Have a custom pattern you would like printed on wafer paper? Wafer paper is perfect for all your confectionery creations! Kosher and Gluten Free Ingredients Make Wafer Paper a great addition to your confectionery offerings.

Upload your pattern file on the order completion page after placing your order. Please note, if you select a backside solid color, make it not too dark, as wafer paper is slightly translucent and you do not want to take way from the front side. Also, use caution when choosing a double sided print, as you risk seeing that back side through on regular wafer paper. For this reason, we only double pattern print on our THICK CARD STOCK PAPER which is very thick and not easily bent.

All edible wafer paper designs are printed on Wafer Paper with FDA approved edible ink. They are almost tasteless, similar to a communion wafer.

Please read more about edible papers at our Edible Image Info section of our website!

Each Sheet Appr. 8x11