Dalgona Cookie Candy In Tin Play For Real | Korean Dalgona Candy Recipe

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**Dalgona Hard Candy: Sweeten Your Moments with Irresistible Play!**

Embark on a delectable journey inspired by the latest TV sensation with our Dalgona Hard Candy Cookie Treat – a treat that combines the thrill of the show with the delight of traditional candy. Crafted for indulgence and play, each candy promises to elevate your sweet experiences.

**Key Features:**

1. **Interactive Sweetness:** Unwrap the joy with Dalgona Hard Candy, arriving in a metal tin complete with a needle for an immersive candy-shaping experience. It's not just a treat; it's a playful adventure waiting to unfold.

2. **Two Sizes, One Sweet Tale:** Choose between the large 3.75" size, reminiscent of the iconic show candy, or the MINI 2" size for a daintier indulgence. Each piece is individually sealed, preserving the freshness of your sweet escapade.

3. **Sweet & Slightly Toasted Nutty Flavor (No Squid Flavor, Thank You!):** Immerse yourself in the luscious treat, carefully crafted to bring joy to any event. And yes, no squid flavor – because some adventures are best left untaken!

4. **Versatile Enjoyment:** From being a delightful addition to Halloween celebrations to the perfect stocking stuffer, quirky gift, or a unique party favor, Dalgona is your versatile companion for every occasion.

5. **Ingredients.** Simple Sugar, Corn Syrup and some Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), based on the traditional Korean Recipe. 

**How to Enjoy:**

1. **Open, Shape, Savor:** Unleash your creativity as you open the tin, grasp the needle, and carve out your own candy masterpiece, but be sure not to break it. The adventure begins with each playful bite.

2. **Perfect for Every Occasion:** Whether licked, placed on a Squid Game cake, gifted to friends, or shared at viewing parties, Dalgona brings a touch of sweetness to every moment.

**Quality Assurance:** Crafted in the FDA Registered Food Manufacturing Facility of Never Forgotten Designs (NFD) in St. Louis, rest assured that every Dalgona creation complies with the highest standards of quality, following federal and local health codes and regulations.

Transform your ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with Dalgona Hard Candy. Available in singles or sets, order now at www.NeverForgottenDesigns.com / www.sugarartsupply.com for a delightful journey into sweetness and play.