Color Reveal Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs

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These sugar-free white cotton candy glitter bombs are a fun way to celebrate holidays, have a gender reveal or just for fun! Made in FDA Registered Food Manufacturing Facility in STL.

Shipping available BUT PLEASE NOTE we must use a cold shipper and cool packs during the warm / hot months. Cotton candy is sensitive to heat and we will not ship without a cold shipper and cold packs from May-September. To purchase, add to cart here:

In addition, cotton candy is made fresh for the event. Please email us with your event date at after your purchase. Cotton candy is sensitive to heat and we will not ship without knowing your event date.

Available In The Following:

Single Plastic Container

Mini Packs of 20 (Great for Small Shot Glasses / Martini Glasses)

Regular Size Pack of 24 (Great for regular size drinks and such.)

Or Regular Size Individually Packaged (Great for Gifiting, Stocking, Easter Baskets, Party Favors)

Variety Color Packs only available as 12 Count Mini or 12 Count Regular Size)

Looking to make your own sugar-free color reveal cotton candy bombs? You will need the following:

Sugar Art Suppy's Isomalt Raw or Cake Play Nibs

Shimmer Glitter Dust™ Color Series (Looks silver until gets wet).

Mini or Regular Cupcake Containers