Candy Melting Palette for Chocolate & Cocoa Butter Painting

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Low-temperature electric heated palette with ten cups. For melting colored chocolate caps and cocoa butter for decorating candy molds. Packed in corrugated cardboard storage box with instructions. 10 cup covers included.

Idea for using with our Roxy & Rich Cocoa Butters for continuous painting.

  • The Candymelter Palette is a heated palette designed to melt candy coatings, cocoa butters and other fat based items for decorating candy molds.
  • The small portable electric palette takes thirty minuted to reach the temperature necessary to melt candy coatings. It maintains the same even temperature from then on.
  • Eliminates the problems of water contamination.
  • Prevents the possibility of overheating.
  • Contains 10 aluminum cups, cups are pressure fit and can slide out for cleaning.
  • Each cup is approximately 1" tall and holds approximately 5 wafers

Warning: This electrically heated tool is not intended for children under the age of 15. Adult supervision is required at all times.