Really Edible Glitter for Food, Drinks, Cakes, Cookies & More FDA Compliant

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Really Edible Glitter™ is food-grade glitter for FOOD - SWEETS - TREATS - DRINKS & MORE! Brilliant colors, super sparkle and kosher certified.

Make your sugar diamonds REALLY sparkle!

Make your disco cookies REALLY put off a real flash!

Add a real twinkle to your sculpted cake's eye!

Make those glitter drinks REALLY sparkle!

It's Really Edible - Really FDA Compliant and Really Sparkly! Brought to you from the trusted creators of Flash Dust Edible Glitter™ for food with natural colorant and Shimmer Glitter Dust™ for drinks, you can feel confident your glitter is FDA COMPLIANT!

Available in 5 Gram Pots in Crystal Clear, Super Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Navy Blue & Pink

Sample Pack of all 10 Colors

Full Pack of all 10 Colors

Single 5 Gram Pots

Really Edible Glitter™ is a product of Never Forgotten Designs (NFD). Sugar Art Supply, Signature Drink Lab, Shimmer Glitter Dust™ are all property of NFD, all rights reserved.