Edible Gold Sequin on 1/4" Edible Paper Hand Painted Golden Sequins

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Glam up your cake with hand-painted gold edible sequin from Never Forgotten Designs. Great for adding elegant touches to cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and more! Choose from frosting paper or wafer paper that is printed with a golden edible ink, then hand-painted for your confectionery arts.

Only the front side is hand painted, as the backside is white. You will want to use tweezers to carefully place as these are very small, custom edible decorations. It takes 4 circles side by side to measure an inch. Therefore, for each inch circumference, multiply by 4 for one layer. Example, to give an 8 inch cake 3 rows, you will need to take 25 inches (circumference around 8 inch cake) and multiply by 4 for 100 for one row. For 3 rows, you will multiply 100 by 3 for 300 total sequins that you will need.

See our circumference charts here!