Hard Candy Dalgona In Tin Play For Real | SQUID GAME Candy | Korean Dalgona Candy Recipe LollipopS

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Love the games on the latest Squid Show on TV? Dalgona Hard Candy Come complete with tin and needle for playing! English Toffee flavored fun for any event and can be eaten, place on a squid game cake, licked, gifted or given for a party favor!

Sold in singles and sets. Each comes in 3.75” size (large, similar to one in Squid Show) or MINI 2" size (Smaller than one in Squid Show), in a metal tin and needle individually sealed!

Great for Halloween, Viewing Parties, Stocking Stuffers, Strange Gifts, Games & More!

Created in a FDA Registered Food Manufacturing Facility of Never Forgotten Designs (NFD) in St. Louis, all sugar art creations comply with federal and local health codes and regulations. See our website for more information www.NeverForgottenDesigns.com / www.sugarartsupply.com